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Falling for Beauty, Josef Hoffman
The catalog of the newest exhibit at the MAK/Vienna on Josef Hoffmann, the brilliant Viennese Modernist. It is a fine survey of the entire Hoffmann career, spanning six decades. It is in particular a wonderful presentation of the Palais Stoclet, in Brussels, the urban palace that Hoffmann designed in total, from the garden and building to the furniture, porcelain, cutlery, and picture frames. The Palais is still owned by the Stoclet family and is still a private home. palace that it is.
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Sonia Delaunay: Living Art
A richly crafted tribute to the pioneering avant-garde artist, designer, and entrepreneur Sonia Delaunay (1885–1979), whose boundary-breaking approach is echoed in the volume’s interdisciplinary and inspired design. This catalogue sets a new standard for the study of Delaunay, eschewing traditional chronological structures to better showcase groundbreaking research unifying the artist’s timeless oeuvre across mediums. This publication demonstrates Delaunay’s innate versatility and willingness to create without material limitation using her unique language of light and color. Textiles, fashion, interiors, book art, and more are highlighted across twenty-six chapters by leading international scholars to give new insight into Delaunay’s strategies of self-promotion, entrepreneurial endeavors, legacy-building efforts, and vast network of collaborators. These in-depth analyses, including previously under-investigated material such as film, mosaics, tapestries, and interior design, offer a comprehensive perspective on Delaunay’s lifelong effort to unite art with life by harnessing the energy of technological advancement and the beauty of artisanal craftsmanship. Finally, an appendix provides a unique personal note—an epilogue by Patrick Raynaud (born 1946), the last living member of Delaunay’s atelier—as a touching firsthand account of the artist’s working practices toward the end of her life. The design, by award-winning book creator Irma Boom, embraces Sonia Delaunay’s own approach to layout and typography, rendering a book that unites past and present.
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(New and Wonderful) The Art of Architectural Grafting
Jeanne Gang, one of America’s most distinguished contemporary architects, proposes applying the plant cultivation technique of grafting to architecture and urban design as a way of rethinking adaptive reuse and combatting climate change. Grafting is the process of connecting two separate living plants—one old and one new—so they can grow and thrive as one. This ancient practice continues to be performed today in search of more fruitful, palatable, and resilient varieties of plants. Grafting is also a useful paradigm for how architecture can address climate change on a broadly impactful scale by reusing and expanding older structures. Addressing both the environmental and cultural value of reuse, Gang shows how the concept of grafting can inform architecture across many scales, provoking the imagination and shaping tectonic, programmatic, formal, and regenerative adaptations.
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Arne Jacobsen: Designing Denmark
The Danish architect Arne Jacobsen (1902–1971) is renowned both within and outside Denmark’s borders. Celebrated for his iconic chairs, Jacobsen was also an avid photographer and painter who was involved in the art world, where he found inspiration and new methods for developing architecture. This is the most comprehensive account of Jacobsen to date, diving into previously unknown aspects of his life and work. It uncovers how art played a seminal role in both his professional and personal life, placing him in the midst of the European postwar avant-garde art scene. Shedding new light on aspects of his creative life, the book challenges previous ideas about Jacobsen as a modernist iconoclast, positioning him instead as a creative innovator who worked closely with materials in transforming existing aesthetics. It also investigates how Jacobsen played a crucial role in defining Danish and Nordic welfare aesthetics. Beautifully designed, the book features famous and lesser-known works by Jacobsen, including chairs, textile designs, watercolour drawings, light fixtures, and architecture models, along with hundreds of previously unseen private photographs of Jacobsen and his many designs.
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New Heights: Transforming Seattle’s Iconic Space Needle
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Originally built for the 1962 World’s Fair, the Space Needle quickly became an international icon of the Pacific Northwest and a symbol of Seattle. At the time of its construction, the tower pointed the way toward the future with a sense of optimism, possibility, and invention. In its 55th year, the Space Needle is again representing an enhanced future with the Century Project, a holistic renovation of the upper levels led by Olson Kundig that repositions the iconic tower for its next fifty years. New Heights: Transforming Seattle’s Iconic Space Needle documents this latest chapter of the Space Needle’s story with an in-depth look at the innovations, challenges, and triumphs realized by the client and project team, as seen through the eyes of the architects.
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Irving Penn: Centennial
Irving Penn was among the most esteemed and influential photographers of the twentieth century. This indispensable book features one of the largest selections of Penn's photographs ever compiled—nearly 300 in all—including famous and beloved images as well as works that have never been published. Celebrating the centennial of Penn's birth, this volume spans the entirety of his nearly 70-year career. Lively essays acquaint readers with Penn's primary subjects and campaigns, including early documentary scenes and imagery; portraits of cultural figures and celebrities; fashion; female nudes; peoples of Peru, Dahomey (Benin), New Guinea, and Morocco; and still lifes. Rounding out the book are discussions of Penn's advertising pictures and his painstaking printing processes, as well as an illustrated chronology. Irving Penn: Centennial is essential for any fan of this artists work or of the history of twentieth-century photography.
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Sea Ranch: Fifty Years of Architecture, Landscape, Place, and Community on the Northern California Coast
A hundred miles north of San Francisco, the Sonoma County coast meets the Pacific Ocean in a magnificent display of nature. This is the location of The Sea Ranch, an area covering several thousand acres of large, open meadows and forested natural settings interspersed with award-winning architecture. The ecologically inspired plan drawn up for The Sea Ranch in the mid-1960s caused a quiet revolution in architecture. Renowned landscape designer Lawrence Halprin's master plan incorporated a set of building guidelines that structured the visual as well as physical impact upon the landscape. Subsequent buildings by architects such as Joseph Esherick, Charles Willard Moore, Donlyn Lyndon, and William Turnbull have been recognized worldwide for their remarkable environmental sensitivity. This revised and updated edition of the now-classic monograph, the only one on the Sea Ranch, contains eleven additional projects and an updated account of the ongoing development process and land management issues.
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(Pre-Order) Ark Journal Vol XI
Ark Journal Volume 11 ponders how history shapes our understanding of art, design and architecture, and celebrates the fluidity of interpretations that evolve over time and the importance of context. We explore how architects navigate the interplay between tradition and innovation, drawing upon historical precedents while thinking about the future, how adaptive reuse breathes new life into old structures and how architectural interventions honour a site’s cultural heritage.
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Living the Alps: Interior Architecture by Francesca Neri Antonello
This book addresses a very specific topic within interior architecture, namely that of mountains, where the context of the surrounding landscape is strongly associated with the local identity. The houses published in this volume are all located in the Swiss Alps: in the canton of Ticino and in Engadine. They have been renovated and redeveloped, their interior spaces demolished and rethought. Francesca Neri Antonello is a master of domesticating natural and raw materials, using them to create a warm intimacy that is indispensable for designing the interiors of those who live with the cold alpine temperatures. Her projects center around stone, iron, and above all wood, which is often recovered or burned to obtain the characteristic burnished color. Wood is a living matter, the bearer of memory and, as the architect says, “Memory is a very strong call: it is the set of aspects that forms our personal identities.”
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The Grid, Alexander Streitberger
The Grid presents works by renowned artists including Max Bill, François Morellet, Vera Molnár, Carl Andre, Sol LeWitt, Dennis Oppenheim, Esther Ferrer, Gina Pane, Christian Boltanski, Sherrie Levine, Claudia Andujar, Analívia Cordeiro and Anna Bella Geiger
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The Playground Project, Gabriela Burkhalter
From the 1950s to the 1980s, the open-air playground was a social laboratory. Innovative, wacky, educational, and exciting playground designs emerged in European and American cities, as well as elsewhere around the world: artists, landscape designers, architects, and activists sought to provide children with the best possible place to play, while also reimagining cities and communities. First published in 2018, The Playground Project instantly became a classic. This much-expanded new edition brings back the wealth of ideas of that period to inspire us today. It offers many previously unpublished images, numerous new portraits, especially of female protagonists of the time, as well as findings from the latest research on playground design. An incisive introductory essay places the playground at the intersections of education, architecture, urban politics, design history, and leisure policy. A detailed focus is placed on the forgotten history of playgrounds in the former German Democratic Republic. Moreover, young researchers explore the culture of memory surrounding the Shek Lei Playground in Hong Kong, and the role that playgrounds played in the process of state-building in Mexico. The book is a tribute to play in public spaces and a rich source for architects, designers, students, children, and political actors.
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Jasper Johns: The Artist as Collector
Jasper Johns ranks among the major American artists of the twentieth century. His accomplishments as a collector, however, have been little known until now. Jasper Johns—The Artist as Collector is a beautifully produced volume that features a selection of more than one hundred drawings, inviting you to dive into the richness and depth of a truly unique collection. From Paul Cézanne to Pablo Picasso to Willem de Kooning, the collection of Jasper Johns offers surprising juxtapositions. The drawings’ consistently high quality is the result of his keen eye as a connoisseur, and many of the works are a testament to his friendships with other artists. In this catalog, works by nearly fifty artists enter into an inspiring exchange that will fascinate experts and art lovers alike.
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A Day in Tokyo: A Japanese Cookbook
A Day in Tokyo is a culinary journey through one of the world’s most vibrant cities. From the bustling streets of Shinjuku to the hidden corners of Ueno, this book takes you on a delicious food adventure from breakfast through to dinner, showcasing the diverse tastes and ingredients of Japanese cuisine. Start the day with unbelievably fluffy Funwari Hottokeki, dive into some Tokyo-born Yakisoba Pan for a much-earned midday break and end the night with crunchy and tender Tonkatsu. Capture the delicious flavors of Tokyo at home with 96 recipes and insider tips on where to find the best local eats. A Day in Tokyo is the ultimate book for food and travel enthusiasts.
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Pierre Chareau: Volume 2
Pierre Chareau, aménagements et architecture is an unprecedented synthesis of almost 80 interior architecture projects (1908-1938), both private and public, and his architectural projects (1925-1950). It reveals the evolution of Pierre Chareau’s approach to interior design, from his beginnings as a decorator integrating his furniture into existing spaces, to the advent, over the course of his projects, of a resolutely architectural approach to space, in which furniture comes to life and becomes architecture in its own right. Listing all of these projects, it provides a detailed, illustrated analysis of twenty-five of them, most of which were commissioned by three families: the Dalsaces, the Bernheims and the Dreyfus. This second volume reveals the designer’s long-term commitment to architecture. It looks back at his involvement in the CIAM, the Société des architectes modernes and the Rassemblement des architectes, as well as his collaboration with the magazine L’Architecture d’aujourd’hui. It offers a critical analysis of Pierre Chareau’s work as an architect, deciphering the 13 projects he worked on in France from 1923 to 1938, and in the United States from 1945 to 1950, from Djemil Anik’s cottage to Robert Motherwell’s studio in East Hampton. Finally, this book offers an in-depth analysis of the Glass House. By drawing up a portrait of Jean Dalsace and his wife Annie, it helps us to understand the central role played by those who commissioned the project. It looks back at the architectural and societal context of the time, explaining the importance of light and hygiene in the Maison de verre. The building site and its vicissitudes are described, followed by a description of the main principles behind the design of the house, and an analysis of its volumes and spaces. Text in French.
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(1st Edition) ECHOES: Cassina. 50 Years of IMaestri
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352pp, full color, sketches, drawings, historic photos Furniture by Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, and Charlotte Perriand, expanding over the years to create a specific collection with names such as Erik Gunnar Asplund, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, and Gerrit Thomas Rietveld. These designs have been updated, finding new life, thanks to innovative technological development carried out by the company, always in respect of the original designs. A timeline, for each of the pieces and their designer, history to history, past to very present
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Pierre Chareau I: Biography, Exhibitions, Furniture
370pp., cloth edition, awarded Academy of Fine Art prize. 2024 Author Marc Bedarida, Norma Editions, text in French Includes twelve Exposition designs, UAM and Salons This work finally offers a developed presentation of his furniture, essentially designed for more than 75 private or public installations
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The Home Office Reimagined: Spaces to Think, Reflect, Work, Dream, and Wonder
If you are staying home, you will need a place. This is a a very cool collection of Home Office, in the best of a design sense. Twenty-five extraordinary new projects, from Mill Valley to London, from Vienna to Madrid, from Brooklyn to Kanagawa - all intent to make clear the precise genius of design. How grand, to see these projects, of such optimism, and invention, the best of materials brought right to the edge. Stay home, at least for the moment. Rizzoli, 2024. Hardcover, 304pp., 7.5x10 inches
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Archives 10: Mauricio Rocha
This instalment of ‘Archives’ features Mexican architect Mauricio Rocha. Born into a family that enabled him to look at the world through different disciplines, he attended one of the most politically progressive schools and has spent his entire life in the company of photographers, sculptors, musicians, artists, and architects. This upbringing is reflected in Rocha’s work today, from his early association with Gabriel Orozco to his later interest in Gordon Matta-Clark. This volume presents a total of eleven works completed between 2009 and 2023, including the Anahuacalli Museum in Mexico City, the Fábrica de San Pedro Cultural Center in Michoacán, and the School of Plastic Arts in Oaxaca. 396 p, ills colour & bw, 17x24 cm, pb, Spanish/Portuguese/English
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Local: A Search for Nearby Nature and Wildness
A search for nearby nature and wildness After years of expeditions all over the world, adventurer Alastair Humphreys spends a year exploring the detailed local map around his home. Can this unassuming landscape, marked by the glow of city lights and the hum of busy roads, hold any surprises for the world traveller or satisfy his wanderlust? Could a single map provide a lifetime of exploration? Discovering more about the natural world than in all his years in remote environments, he learns the value of truly getting to know his neighbourhood. An ode to slowing down, Local is a celebration of curiosity and time spent outdoors, as well as a rallying cry to protect the wild places on our doorstep. Eye Books, 2024. Paperback, 368pp., 8.25 x 5.5
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