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Napoli: Super Modern : Edited by LAN
A fine study of Naples, from the research forces of LAN, who had presented the brilliant review of Paris urban plan and Hausmann three years ago. Now, Napoli, the Italian character, the city of port and labor, of noise and sound and bustle.this a study of its squares and buildings, of its mad, operatic character. They create an atlas of Naples, eighteen significant buildings 1930-1960, and extrapolate to make sense and pattern and order. The Mediterranean of Naples, crossing the bold and brassy modernism of new Napoli, make a wonderful and mad urban opera. The French photographer Cyrille Weiner adds 50 color photos of Naples, now, and it all begins to make some sense. The lovely book concludes with exceptional new illustrations, in beautiful black line drawings, detailing the very architecture of this lavish seaport. Edited by LAN, Jalon and Napolitano, 2021, Zurich, 262pp. cloth
Urban Bremerton , ed. David Albright
Urban Bremerton, 2020, paper, ed. David Albright, $25 It is the smallest matters, of course, that matter. A photo book of Bremerton, of its urban details, its stairs and theater, its storefronts and logos and alleys, its corners and sidewalk and signage, its cedars and lamp posts. Full color single photos of the very fabric of Bremerton, lonely in a way, until you see them.
Two Sides of the Border : Reimagining the Region
paperback, 288pp, Lars Muller/Yale School of Architecture, publ 12/28/2020, Tatiana Bilbao, Ayesha Ghosh, photos Iwan Baan 13 Architecture studios, under the directions of Tatiana Bilbao, studying, diagramming, researching, imagining the US/Mexico border - industry, production, migration, housing, tradition, and territory. It is the power of architecture, in the hands and minds of these studios, to analize and to see and to propose and to believe.
Living In : Modern Masterpieces of Residential Architecture
288pp, large cloth ed, Die Gestalten, editors Openhouse published 12/1/20 Includes many of the best new residential designers - Pawson Vervoordt, Caruncho, Silvestrin - but also Lautner, Neutra, Mies, Mallet-Stevens. A very fine collection, time and time.
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Snowbound: Dwelling in Winter
1 of 2
224 pp, cloth ed, full color, William Morgan, PAP Press, surveys the newest relation of design and architecture and the mountains and the snow. Projects in Finland, Austria, Norway, Scotland Connecticut, Vermont, Utah, Chile, Jaoan, Noa Scotia
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In Search of African American Space

Archives 1: Flores & Prats
From Barcelona, the first issue of Archives, that has sold out several times now - the wonderful work of Flores & Prats, color fotos of ten projects, incl the Morning Chapel at the Biennale, and the Sala Beckett.
Space Settlements

City Lust - Charlie Koolhaas
It is a brilliantly unromantic book of five places - London, Lagos, Guangzhou, Houston and Dubai - that opens with the author growing up in the London 1990s. Then off she goes, to some of the most difficult cities in modern history. She was born from the Dutch complex of water and harbor and culture - and she is drawn to the hardest such versions. Full color photos are the trees to the book, and she writes a path through them.
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Arcatecture - Swiss Cat Ladders
People speak of their cat - but in Europe, they may even develop details of architecture, involving the life of the cat. Here, the lengths and speicifics of cat culture in Bern, Switzerland, and the small specific highways of their cats. $56.00 + 4 shipping
The Japanese Teahouse
The very careful, elegant and favored study of the Teahouse, from 15th Century Japanese origin to present day. Folded pages, full color photography and plan details From Verlag Niggli, authored by Wolfgang Fehrer
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Rammed Earth: Tradition and Potential
Explores the history and significance of rammed earth construction in Central Europe, particularly in Switzerland, using historical examples to investigate the potential of the technique for contemporary construction. Cyril Veillon.
Casa Wabi
Casa Wabi, a nonprofit arts center located in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico, is a stage for world-renowned contemporary artists and architects to engage with the local community, designed by Tadao Ando, and with structures by Alberto Kalach, Alvaro Siza, Kengo Kuma, Gloria Cabral, Solano Benitez, Jorge Ambrosi, and Gabriela Etchegaray. Founded in 2013 by renowned Mexican artist Bosco Sodi, it combines artist residencies, a gallery, and living quarters with classrooms, gardens, and public space. 162 pp.
Bawa Staircases
Showcases how staircases provide buildings and gardens with horizontal and vertical movement, and the opportunity of ever-changing vistas. Focuses on Geoffrey Bawa's interest in European architectural movements. David Robson, photography by Sebastian Posingis.
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JA 111: Living Together
Eighteen projects that explore present-day meanings of "collectivity," and "living." Not limited to collective housing, the edition of JA includes a capsule hotel, college dormitory, shared house, plaza renovation for a large housing complex.
Drawing Architecture
Collection bringing together more than 250 of the finest architectural drawings of all time. 320 pp. Helen Thomas.
Atlas of Brutalist Architecture
Thoroughly documents more than 850 examples of Brutalist architecture from around the world. Highlights a variety of structures existing and demolished, classic and contemporary - organized geographically into nine continental regions with over 1,000 duotone photographs in an oversized volume. 560 pp.
The Working Drawing
Edited by Annette Spiro and David Ganzoni, 327 pp.




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