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CLEANING : Kenya Hara
Featured spreads are from Cleaning, the newest book from influential MUJI designer Kenya Hara. Weighing in at 504 pages, this pocket-sized paperback is a pleasingly thorough guide to the art of cleaning—featuring sections on sweeping, dusting, blowing, beating, washing, wiping, smoothing, raking, grooming, purifying, scrubbing, scraping, erasing, scooping, removing and clearing.
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DOMUS 1079 May 2023, The Haptic Realm, Final Volume in Holl Series
This is the last in the five issue Steven Holl series. This, the experiences of the haptic space. The micro scale of the haptic realm. Includes Mark Mack, Shim Sutcliffe, Rock Joy, Calro Scarpa - the tactile experience of detail.
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Danish Ceramic Architecture, Rune Bundgaard 2023
1 of 2
Through essays by and interviews with leading architecture thinkers and practitioners – as well as dozens of projects with facades in ceramic and light tile, by major Danish architectural firms such as Vilhelm Lauritzen, Cobe and BIG – the purpose of the book is to relate ceramic and light tile facades to central Danish (and international) currents in architecture and material. In this way, it will help pointing forward to new forms of architectural expression. 256 p, ills colour & bw, 21 x 29 cm, hb, English
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Shape of the Land : Topography & Landscape Architecture, Marc Treib
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Presents the contributions of thirteen well-known practitioners and academics who discuss the forms and ramifications of reconfiguring terrain. Lovely new title from Treib. 10"x10", 288pp cloth
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Emotional Power of Space, 2023,Venice, Beka and Lemoine
220pp, from its debut at the Biennale, Twelve Conversations with Twelve Architects about space - how it affects our physical, emotional and psychological state. Includes Bilbao, , Fujimori, Herzog, Holtrop, Ishigami, Jain, Pallasmaa, Siza, RAdic, Sejima. A personal moment, as the editors reach out to each designer, space, in all its power.
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a+u 22:11 Special Issue 33 Japanese Teahouses : From Rikyu and Enshu to Modern Times
A true classic, now available In this special issue featuring the emblematic Japanese teahouses, 33 works are presented, 22 of which are newly photographed. From the classic masterpieces by Sen no Rikyū and Kobori Enshū, to modern works hovering between tradition and renewal, this issue also introduces architecture that uses teahouses as a design reference. Other than photographs, models, and floor plans, detailed interior elevations and sections are also included. With a text from guest editor Kirisako Kunio on the idea of “relationship with nature,” as well as a conversation with Junya Ishigami. 224 p, ills colour & bw, 22 x 29 cm, pb, Japanese/English
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Windowscape 4 - Nordic Architecture
In this fourth volume, Atelier Bow-Wow delves into the window behavioural characteristics in Nordic architecture, showing how climate and culture are strongly reflected in their windows. The works and influences of six architects are featured: Gunnar Asplund and Sigurd Lewerentz from Sweden, Alvar Aalto from Finland, and from Denmark, Kay Fisker, Arne Jacobsen and Jřrn Utzon. After three years of research, the team visited about 235 works and measured 470 windows.
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DOMUS March issue 1077, Steven Holl, Urbanisms: Working with Doubt
third volume in series, with Frampton, Norten, de Rocha, Urquiola
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DOMUS April issue 1078, Steven Holl editor, Stochastic Thinking, Synthesesi of the Arts
fourth Holl volume incl Mayne, Baeza, Moss, Vinciarelli
DOMUS February Issue, 1076, Steve Holl :Questions of Perception
1 of 2
Second issue edited by Steve Holl for the famous Milanese publication - this one a new look at the famous Holl theme , Questions of Perception Includes Juhani Pallasmaa, Jose Oubrerie, Sudio Zhu Pei, Roberto Burle Marx
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More Water Less Land New Architecture : Sea Level Rise and the Future of Coastal Urbanism
A brilliant collection of stories, ideas, themes, solutions and images - all in relation to water, and living with water. Wright has made a very clear case for having some sense, some modesty, some dignity, some true intuition regarding the earth and its components, in specific its water. The world will think now in an entirely new format its relationship of buildings to water, its relationship of humans to water. Architecture to learn the subtlety of accommodation, of interaction. There is considerably more water and it is in the game now, it is at the table, and it has both rights and power.
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Fronts: Military Urbanisms and the Developing World
FRONTS uncovers a growing geography of codependence between the global security complex and the urban morphologies of the developing world, which it increasingly incriminates. Military training sites provide a lens through which we can better understand the shape of the city to come.
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(IN STOCK) Material Reform : Material Cultures
Paperback 11 x 18 cm, 144 pages "We must urgently rethink our relationship to the land and to each other to produce new forms of material practice, culture, and economy in solidarity with people and our landscapes." This book, the first by the design and research practice Material Cultures, assembles a series of short essays and conversations exploring the cultures, systems, and infrastructures that shape the architectural industry and the de­structive ecologies it fosters.
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Timber Buildings S,M,L Holzbauten
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The potentials of the building material timber in terms of design and construction by means of 30 constructions of various sizes and usages. The spectrum encompasses a small mountain hut, residential or school buildings, large office buildings and institutions for culture and leisure. The respective building method – solid timber construction, modular construction, heavy framing, light framing or hybrid construction – is presented by means of plans and detailed design drawings. The holistic solution approaches of the 30 architectures demonstrate the potential of timber as a sustainable building material for a climate-friendly future.
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Peter Cook on Paper
1 of 3
The Danish Architectural Press, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
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Story of Architecture, Witold Rybczynski
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360 Pages, 7.75 x 9.50 in, 54 color + 115 b-w illus. In this sweeping history, from the Stone Age to the present day, Witold Rybczynski shows how architectural ideals have been affected by technological, economic, and social changes—and by changes in taste. The host of examples ranges from places of worship such as Hagia Sophia and Brunelleschi’s Duomo to living spaces such as the Katsura Imperial Villa and the Alhambra, national icons such as the Lincoln Memorial and the Sydney Opera House, and skyscrapers such as the Seagram Building and Beijing’s CCTV headquarters. Rybczynski’s narrative emphasizes the ways that buildings across time and space are united by the human desire for order, meaning, and beauty.
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Uncrating the Japanese House  : Yoshimura, Antonin and Noemi Raymond and Geroge Nakashima
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LIMITED STOCK,Hardcover, 9.5 x 9.5 in. / 144 pgs / 80 color / 40 bw. 2022 In 1953, Japanese architect Junzo Yoshimura designed a now-classic Japanese house and garden that he called Shofuso. It was built in Nagoya, Japan, and shipped to New York in 1954, where it was on exhibit at MOMA. Then it travelled to Philadelphia.
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Miracles in Concrete : Structural Engineer August Komendant
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432pp, full color + drawings, Estonian Museum of Architecture, cloth Lovely study of the concrete master craftsman Komendant, and his half century of projects, from 1930-1980s. He was the force that Kahn relied upon for the Kimbell. that Safdie unleashed on Habitat. All are included, in archival photographs, as well as the Salk and Richars Medical.
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a+t GENEROSITY : The Indeterminacy of the Floor Plan
Barcelona, large format, 138 pp., color, paperback
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